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We believe that project success depends on knowing how to support your company’s needs.

We provide native speaker translators to meet your needs.

We also pride ourselves on our smooth communication skills.


  • Lumber company - English/Korean translation of international trade fair presentation documents for a lumber company
  • Japanese translation (from Portuguese) of an application form to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for an authorized architect qualification
  • Chinese/Korean translation of manner instructions for Ashiya City
  • English/Chinese translation of pamphlet for Doctor Air, the household medical apparatus
  • English translation of official exhibition documents for an NPO
  • English/Chinese/Korean translation of Kyoto shopping district
  • 6-language (English / Chinese / Korean / French / Spanish / German) translation of Kyoto tourism website
  • English translation (80,000 words) for an information science graduate course in the department of science and engineering of a certain national graduate school (Kansai region)
  • Translation (30,000 words) of the website of a certain municipality (Kansai region) into seven languages
  • English translation (50,000 words) of a pamphlet for Grand Front Osaka
  • Local product naming research – 12 languages

Web coding - Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Not enough staff
  • Multiple document checks are required
  • Organizing translation is time-consuming.

Without the necessary translation/checking experience, unintentional omissions inevitably occur. Entrust this to Mori Office and our dedicated translation staff will do the work for you.

Organizing things such as translators and production companies can be hard work.
Mori Office is directly involved in moving a finished translation onto the next step, so the whole process is easy and speedy.