Business-focused translation

We pride ourselves on providing natural translations by native speakers. We have assembled a team of translators in specialized fields.

From small-scale jobs to major projects exceeding 100,000 characters, we handle a wide variety of projects ranging from company profiles, website translations and pamphlets as well as exhibition panels and responses to overseas companies.

We can, wherever possible, minimize delivery periods by exploiting the time difference with foreign countries.

Sequence to translation and delivery

  • Estimate

    Please send the document(s) that you want translated.
  • Translation / check

    We will add comments if necessary when delivering translated documents.
  • Option

    We also offer HTML coding if required.
  • Delivery

    We will deliver your product in the format you want.
  • Payment

    Please send money by bank transfer. (New clients are asked to pay in advance.)

Handled languages

Language Language Translator's Hometown
Japanese English California, Minnesota, London, Canada, Japan
Japanese French Paris, Basque, Canada, Japan
Japanese German Bottrop, Vienna, Japan
Japanese Russian Moscow, Kamchatka, Japan
Japanese Spanish Guipuzcoa, Valencia, Madrid, Japan
Japanese Korean Seoul, Japan
Japanese Chinese (simplified) Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Harbin, Hubei Province, Shenyang, Japan
Japanese Chinese (Traditional) Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese / Italian / Swedish / Norwegian / Hungarian / Polish / Romanian / Croatian / Hebrew / Arabic / Turkish / Hindi / Vietnamese / Malay / Thai / Indonesian

Handled fields

Business General
Company brochure / print / business card / document / Web site / business mail / Business Agreement / Terms of Use Manual / articles such as newspapers and magazines
Catalogs / manual / specification / patent specification / Mechanical / Electrical / Construction / IT
Accounting report / financial / distribution / research report